June 27, 2023 • 2 Min

Let’s Win Pancreatic Cancer Launches Updated Spanish Platform

Lets Win PC logo

Let’s Win Pancreatic Cancer is proud to introduce our re-thought platform in Spanish.

The new design retains all the robust features patients rely on but makes it easier for website visitors to access the information they need. The streamlined signature flag of our sophisticated new logo reflects our mission to continue to lead the way forward.

Let’s Win is the only source of pancreatic cancer information and resources that are fully translated into Spanish, connecting the Latino community to resources in their language of choice. Our updated Spanish platform now features the capability to directly toggle between the Spanish and English versions of stories.

Almost two years ago, we began to reimagine Let’s Win Pancreatic Cancer and the growing needs of the pancreatic cancer community. Let’s Win Pancreatic Cancer is now a true editorial platform that provides a richer and more impactful user experience for patients and families navigating this difficult journey. The reorganized website better reflects the needs of patients and caregivers, and it has many special features to make it easier to explore the wealth of information available.

As we look forward to the next chapter of our organization, Let’s Win Pancreatic Cancer continues to see its role as the partner to the medical community and the voice of the patient. From the very beginning, our number one priority has been to reach underrepresented populations by developing deep relationships with trusted partners in advocacy and outreach. Now, with better resources and more accessible information, we are making sure that every patient has the tools they need to get the best outcome possible.

“We started in 2016 with 15 articles and have grown to more than 700 today,” explains Founding Executive Director Cindy Gavin. This wealth of information guided the development of the new platform. “We have learned that patients find these features critically helpful while navigating the disease because they reveal treatment options, clinical trials, and quality-of-living resources that newly diagnosed patients may not have been aware of. Our new platform directs patients to more resources that are relevant to their treatment based on how they are navigating from within the site.”

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