Let’s Win is your guide to hope and action.

Our mission is to guide patients with vital information for better outcomes.

We envision a world where all patients have access to the best treatment options.

Let’s Win is a go-to guide with easy-to-understand, medically vetted and actionable content focused on the needs of the patient and caregiver. With Let’s Win by your side, you won’t have to face pancreatic cancer alone.

Anne’s Story

In May 2014, Anne Glauber learned she had stage IV pancreatic cancer. She and her family were stunned and devastated, not knowing where to turn but knowing they had to do something urgently. That overwhelming fear and confusion became the genesis for Let’s Win.

Owing to a lack of comprehensive information, it was very difficult to identify the top pancreatic cancer doctors, or even understand the science well enough to get an idea of the best treatment options available. The information and statistics on the internet were daunting. Anne and her family tapped into all the resources available as they looked for answers. But expert after expert seemed to agree that the situation was hopeless and that current treatment protocols had limited results.


Finally, Anne found doctors who not only specialized in pancreatic cancer but also were willing to be innovative in their treatments and use new science-driven approaches to combat the disease. She also found leading scientists working to help patients in real time.

Wanting to share this experience with others, Anne gathered a team to develop her idea:

  • Her oncologist, Dr. Allyson Ocean, who practices at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center,
  • Her dear friend Willa Shalit, social entrepreneur and philanthropist, and
  • Kerri Kaplan, President and CEO of the Lustgarten Foundation.

Anne and her team imagined an online community sharing new science-driven treatments to help patients and families have a say in their treatment plans, uncover new possibilities, and find new treatment options. When Cindy Gavin joined the team as Founding Executive Director, the vision took wing.


In 2017, Anne passed away after living three times longer than originally predicted. Today, Let’s Win is Anne’s legacy, and it stands as a valued resource in the pancreatic cancer community. It is a living testimony to Anne Glauber’s commitment that no one would ever again need to face a diagnosis like hers without resources and hope.