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AACR Highlights: Sunday, September 8

Read the highlights of Sunday's sessions about early-stage clinical trials, oncogenes, and early detection at the AACR pancreatic cancer conference.
portrait of pancreatic cancer survivor Margie Goldsmith

Kicking Pancreatic Cancer’s Butt

When Margie Goldsmith was diagnosed with an IPMN she made it her goal to beat that pancreatic cancer. It took two more tries but she did it.
photo of Lynne Holcomb, pancreatic cancer patient, in a car

I’ll Never Stop Fighting

When Lynne Holcomb was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer, she kept fighting through treatment and made it onto a clinical trial.
Camille Moses long term pancreatic cancer survivor, right in teal shirt

You Can Overcome It

When Camille Moses was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, she was told to go home to die. She got a second opinion and is now a 7-year survivor.
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