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January 22, 2020 • 1 Min

Identify Your Risk Early

After Scott Nelson was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, his older brother Steve joined a pancreatic cancer screening study.

Being proactive about pancreatic cancer monitoring was the right move—Steve’s doctor found a cyst and a small tumor developing on his pancreas and was able to catch the disease in its earliest stages.

The brothers knew that cancer occurred frequently in their family, and they knew they carried the BRCA2 mutation. But in 2009, when Steve and other siblings joined the screening study, they did not know about the link between the BRCA mutations and pancreatic cancer. Now Scott and Steve advocate for early detection of pancreatic cancer, and raise awareness of the link between genetic mutations and the disease.

Read more about the Nelson brothers in their treatment story “Younger Brother’s Pancreatic Cancer Leads to Regular Screening for his Oldest Brother.”

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