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Long-term survivor Roy Vinke and his dog sitting on a deck overlooking mountains and a lake

Another Chance at Life

Molecular profiling of long-term survivor Roy Vinke’s tumor and found a mismatch repair deficiency, which changed his treatment.

pancreatic cancer survivor Sheila Sky Kasselman and Sky Foundation members

I Didn’t Expect to Be Doing This

Sheila Sky Kasselman, a long-term survivor of pancreatic cancer, started a foundation to help others after recovering from Whipple surgery.

Pancreatic cancer long-term survivor Angella Dixon-Watson and her husband Ira

I’m Still Here

As a five-year pancreatic cancer survivor, Angella Dixon-Watson considers it her mission to educate others about this disease.

Pancreatic cancer survivor Carolynn Kiel in purple sunglasses at a PanCAN Purple Stride event

I Made It

Long-term survivor Carolynn Kiel lost her mother and sister to pancreatic cancer, so she learned to stay vigilant,

long-term pancreatic cancer survivor Chris Joseph and his sons

Surviving and Thriving

When long-term survivor Chris Joseph found out his tumor had a specific defect it changed his treatment plan.

pancreatic cancer survivor Sharon Simone and her husband

I’m Going to Live Every Day

Sharon Simone got a second opinion that led to a treatment protocol suited to her BRCA1 mutation. Now she is a long-term survivor.

Long-term pancreatic cancer survivor Randall Swan and his wife Lorri

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Randall Swan says he could not have made it through pancreatic cancer treatment, including a clinical trial, without the support of his wife Lorri.

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