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April 2, 2016 • 2 Min

A 10-Year Survivor’s Story

Howard Ebert

Pancreatic cancer survivor Howard Ebert and his family
  • Family history of pancreatic cancer
  • Annual screenings lead to early detection
  • Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation
  • Ten-year survival

My name is Howard Ebert, and in October of 2016, I will be a 10-year pancreatic cancer survivor.

Although I am not currently undergoing any treatment, here is my story. If anyone would like to contact me via email or phone, I would be available to speak with any patient or family member, at any time.

Vigilance Due to Family History

Due to a family history of pancreatic cancer, I underwent an annual endoscopic ultrasound as a precautionary measure. In 2006, a 2-cm tumor was found on my pancreas.

The gastroenterologist was Dr. Stavros Stavropolous. At that time, he was at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in northern Manhattan. A few years ago, he became the chief of gastroenterology at Winthrop Hospital in Mineola, NY.

Surgery, Then Chemotherapy and Radiation

After the diagnosis, Dr. John Chabot, also at Columbia, performed a complete pancreatectomy, removing the pancreas, spleen, and other organs. Due to some mini-metastases that were found, it was suggested that I undergo a course of chemotherapy.

My course of chemotherapy was managed by Dr. William Sherman, also at Columbia, who has since retired. The protocol Dr. Sherman prescribed was a combination of gemcitabine, Taxotere, and Xeloda. Remember, that was 10 years ago and perhaps there are newer protocols being used today.

I was very fortunate to experience moderate, not severe, side effects, which included:

  • Loss of some hair
  • Swollen legs
  • Thickening nails

Toward the end of the six-month cycle of chemotherapy, Dr. Sherman prescribed a course of radiation therapy, concurrent with the chemo. The radiation was done locally, for six weeks. Aside from overwhelming tiredness toward the end of the therapy, no significant side effects were experienced.

Living as a Survivor

My insurance partially covered my surgery, and Dr. Chabot’s office was very kind in providing a more reasonable rate. The insurance did not cover the chemotherapy, but did cover the radiation.

Let’s Win is obviously for people currently dealing with the disease. Fortunately I am not, but I am a big supporter of the Lustgarten Foundation and PanCAN.

Howard passed away in December 2017 due to causes unrelated to pancreatic cancer. We offer our deepest sympathy to his family, and appreciate that he shared his story with us.

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