September 19, 2019 • 1 Min

A Platinum Remembrance: The Power of Raising Your Voice

Gil Bashe and John Bianchi, former colleagues of Let’s Win founder Anne Glauber at Finn Partners, shared a remembrance of the power of advocacy and Anne’s work on the eve of the Platinum PR Awards. Let’s Win was honored with this prestigious public relations award in 2017.

From the article:

Advocacy Can Make a Difference

Few are aware that, because symptoms typically do not present until the cancer already is advanced, most patients don’t live more than a year after diagnosis. It is in the face of these dire odds that advocacy can make a difference – channeling the audacity and power of patient voices who challenge the foregone conclusion that pancreatic cancer almost always leads to death.

Nearly three years ago, our colleague and friend Anne Glauber died of pancreatic cancer, aged 63. The New York Times wrote that Anne “amplified her voice as a public relations executive to help prevent domestic violence, empower women in war-torn countries and support fellow patients of pancreatic cancer.” That’s only a glimpse into what she accomplished.

The full story can be found on the PR News website.