May 22, 2023 • 1 Min

No Longer a Death Sentence

How new treatments for pancreatic cancer are offering patients hope

Dr. Allyson Ocean, our Scientific Advisory Board Chair, and Cindy Gavin, our Founding Executive Director, are featured in a video about the founding of Let’s Win, and the mission of our founder Anne Glauber. Anne was determined to raise awareness of the treatment options for pancreatic cancer and to give patients hope.

One of the newer options is MRI-guided radiation treatments, which is featured in this video.Learn more about this type of treatment by reading Don Myrah’s story about “Going After a Specialized Radiation Treatment.” The research is featured in “Ablative SMART Radiotherapy Could Be Beneficial for Advanced Pancreatic Cancer.”

What new treatments and clinical trials are available to me?

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How do I find clinical trials?

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