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Eileen O’Reilly: Why Pancreatic Cancer Preclinical Data is Pivotal in Trial Design

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Dr Eileen O’Reilly, a medical oncologist at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, is a top clinical investigator on pancreatic cancer. In part one of our conversation with Dr O’Reilly, she dives into the multitude of challenges faced by investigators and trial sponsors in developing new pancreatic cancer therapies, as well as how preclinical trial data is rising in importance in influencing clinical trial design.

Reynald Castañeda: Why is it so challenging to develop new therapies for pancreatic cancer?  Dr Eileen O’Reilly: I think it’s the most challenging disease that we treat and there are a lot of reasons for that: late clinical presentation, no early warning symptoms, and no proven early detection strategies for most people. And the fact that our best therapies, while they do have very meaningful impact for a proportion of people, they are clearly noncurative for the vast majority. There is also intrinsic treatment resistance in this disease, more than any other. Pancreatic cancer clinical development also needs more resources – no question. And that’s in every way from funding initiatives to supporting junior investigators. Read more . . . 

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