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Andrew Hendifar, MD, on Developing Targeted Approaches in Pancreatic Cancers

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Findings from a retrospective case series analysis on real-world outcomes with targeted and standard therapies in RAF altered pancreatic cancer indicated that further examination of RAF-directed therapies is warranted in this population, according to Andrew Hendifar, MD.

Of the 81 patients with RAF family–mutated pancreatic cancer who were included in this case series, 21.0% had a BRAF V600/Exon 15 mutations without any confounding drivers, 30.9% had BRAF or RAF1 fusions, 22.2% had Exon 11 mutations, and 25.9% had atypical RAF variants or multiple oncogenic drivers. Of the 3 patients in the V600E-mutant subgroup who were treated with BRAF, MEK, or ERK inhibitors, all derived clinical benefit, as well as those with fusions (n = 4/6) and Exon 11 mutations (n = 2/6). No patients with confounding drivers achieved benefit (n = 0/3). Read more . . . 

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