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The Transcription Factor SLUG Uncouples Pancreatic Cancer Progression from the RAF–MEK1/2–ERK1/2 Pathway

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Activating mutations in some isoforms of RAS or RAF are drivers of a substantial proportion of cancers. The main Raf effector, MEK1/2, can be targeted with several highly specific inhibitors. The clinical activity of these inhibitors seems to be mixed, showing efficacy against mutant BRAF-driven tumors but not KRAS-driven tumors, such as pancreatic adenocarcinomas.

To improve our understanding of this context-dependent efficacy, we generated pancreatic cancer cells resistant to MEK1/2 inhibition, which were also resistant to KRAS and ERK1/2 inhibitors. Compared with parental cells, inhibitor-resistant cells showed several phenotypic changes including increased metastatic ability in vivo.                Read more . . . 

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