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Immunovia’s PanFAM-1 Prospective Study Gathers Over 3000 Familial Hereditary Pancreatic Cancer Risk Samples And Will Be Analysed In The Second Half Of 2021

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According to the American Cancer Society, as many as 10% of pancreatic cancers are caused by familial and hereditary risk factors. PanFAM-1 is the largest prospective study to date, focusing on early diagnosis in high-risk individuals with Familial/Hereditary Pancreatic Cancer (FPC).

Designed to support the road to reimbursement for Immunovia’s blood test, IMMray™ PanCan-d, the study has ended enrollment of new subjects October 30, 2020 from the 23 familial/hereditary pancreatic cancer high-risk surveillance programs in USA and Europe. The study reports the collection of over 3000 blood samples from 1265 subjects. The last blood samples will be collected in April 2021. All blood samples will be analysed in the second half of 2021. Read more . . . 

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