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Gene Signature for Prognosis in Comparison of Pancreatic Cancer Patients with Diabetes and Non-Diabetes

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PC is an aggressive cancer of the digestive system, which is becoming a serious health problem worldwide. Overall survival for patients with pancreatic cancer is poor, mainly due to a lack of biomarkers to enable early diagnosis and a lack of prognostic markers that can inform decision-making, facilitating personalized treatment and an optimal clinical outcome (Siegel, Miller & Jemal, 2016). In most cases, type-II diabetes frequently occurs in patients with PC .

Thus, it is considered to be an important risk factor for malignancy of PC (Huxley et al., 2005). However, non-diabetes PC patients have no early diagnosis indicator, which makes it more difficult to diagnose. In addition, PC with diabetes and without diabetes are very different in histopathology (Girelli et al., 1995) and molecular levels. Read more . . . 



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