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Expert Insight: Predicting Drug Responses Using Pancreatic Cancer Organoids and Multimodal Plate Imaging: Your Questions Answered

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Pancreatic cancer is a deadly malignancy with few treatment models. Monolayer cell culture has failed to predict patient drug responses in the past. In response to this, a patient-derived organoid (PDO) methodology has been developed that enables the generation of models, from both surgically resected material and biopsies, with a success rate of 75-80%. These cultures enable the molecular dissection of treatment responses and resistance.

In this on-demand SelectScience® webinar, Dannielle Engle, assistant professor at Salk Institute and Christian Oberdanner, senior application scientist of Tecan Austria, discuss the use of the Tecan Spark® Cyto to evaluate drug responses in PDO models. Given the diversity observed amongst pancreatic cancer patients and the PDO models, they explore how dynamic measurements provide additional flexibility and information for precision medicine approaches. Read more  . . .

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