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Design, Synthesis and High Antitumor Potential of New Unsymmetrical Bisacridine Derivatives Towards Human Solid Tumors, Specifically Pancreatic Cancers and their Unique Ability to Stabilize DNA G-Quadruplexes

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New promising unsymmetrical bisacridine derivatives (UAs), have been developed. Three groups including 36 compounds were synthesized by the condensation of 4-nitro or 4-methylacridinone, imidazoacridinone and triazoloacridinone derivatives with 1-nitroacridine compounds linked with an aminoalkyl chain.

Cytotoxicity screening revealed the high potency of these compounds against several tumor cell lines. Particularly, imidazoacridinone-1-nitroacridine dimers strongly inhibited pancreatic Panc-1, Mia-Pa-Ca-2, Capan-2 and prostate cancer DU-145 cell growth. The studied compounds showed very strong antitumor activity (T/C> 300%) against Walker 256 rat adenocarcinoma. Read more . . . 

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