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High Expression of AMAP1, an ARF6 Effector, is Associated with Elevated Levels of PD-L1 and Fibrosis of Pancreatic Cancer

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Not merely the onset of immune evasion, but other factors, such as acidosis and fibrosis, are also major barriers in cancer therapeutics. Dense fibrosis is a hallmark of pancreatic ductal carcinoma (PDAC), in which hyperactivation of focal adhesion kinase (FAK) in tumor cells was shown to be crucial.

Double mutations of KRAS/ TP53 are characteristic to PDAC. We previously showed that high protein expression of ARF6 and its downstream effector AMAP1, as well as processes involved in the ARF6 activation by cell surface tyrosine kinase receptors, are major targets of the KRAS/TP53 mutations to promote PDAC invasion, metastasis, and immune evasion. Read more . . .



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