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Platinum-based Chemo May Improve Survival for Some Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer Patients

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Metastatic pancreatic cancer is associated with a challenging prognosis with a relative five-year survival rate of 2.9 percent. The current standard of care for metastatic pancreatic cancer includes platinum-based chemotherapy. “Unfortunately, there are no validated biomarkers to predict which patients might benefit from standard treatment,” said (Dr.) O’Reilly.

Biomarkers are biological features, such as DNA mutations, that can be used to predict prognosis or response to treatment. DNA mutations may be found in one or both copies of the gene. Furthermore, mutations may be germline mutations, which are inherited and are found in every cell of the body, or they may be somatic, which arise after conception and are not found in every cell. Read more . . .

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