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Circulating Exosomes from Pancreatic Cancer Accelerate the Migration and Proliferation of PANC-1 Cells

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Circulating microvesicles are able to mediate long-distance cell-cell communications. It is essential to understand how microvesicles from pancreatic cancer act on other cells in the body. In this work, serum-derived microvesicles were isolated from 10 patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer and healthy controls.

Using Cell Transwell and WST-1 reagents, we found that microvesicles from pancreatic cancer accelerated migration and proliferation of PANC-1 cells. Meanwhile, the proliferation of these cancer microvesicles treated cells (CMTCs) was affected less by 10 µM of gemcitabine relative to healthy microvesicles treated cells (HMTCs). Read more . . . 

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