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CivaTech Oncology Inc. Awarded Up To $2.3M from NIH for Pancreatic Cancer Study with CivaSheet® Device

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CivaTech Oncology Inc. has received a notice of award from the NIH NCI SBIR Fast Track program for the first phase of an 80 patient, multi-center pancreatic cancer study with the new FDA cleared CivaSheet® device.

The two-year study, beginning in 2016 will track important safety and efficacy benefits of a new, highly targeted radiation treatment device for patients with pancreatic cancer.

Each year approximately 45,000 patients are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the United States. Of those diagnosed with the disease, approximately 12,000 will be candidates for the potentially lifesaving “Whipple” surgical tumor resection procedure. Despite decades of research, the overall prognosis for cancer recurrence and 5-year survival rates are dismal. Standard of care includes radiation treatment for patients. Radiation oncologists are limited in the radiation dose they can give to patients due to the proximity of healthy tissue and critical organs to the affected area, and the toxicity (side effects) resulting from unintended radiation dose to these areas from other radiation treatment methods. Read more . . .

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