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CSUN Biology Team Announces Groundbreaking Cancer Research Method

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Hundreds of millions of cancer samples, each the size of a saltine cracker, have been archived across the globe. These samples contain genetic information that can radically improve cancer patient survival – even curing difficult-to-treat tumor types.

Extracting this information out of these cancer samples has been a major bottleneck to progress in oncology research — until now.

California State University, Northridge cancer researchers have developed a novel method for extracting these genetic data from archived pancreatic cancer tissue — this cancer type is known for its very low survival rate at only 7 percent — with results that could enable major future breakthroughs for this disease. Their research was published in the September edition of the journal Oncotarget, and will directly address recommendations made to the National Institutes of Health in response to United States Vice President Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Initiative, announced last February, which is slated to provide $1 billion toward cancer research efforts. Read more . . .

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