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Study Suggests Pancreatic Cancer Could be Detected Early in Patients with Newly Developed Type 2 Diabetes

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New research presented at this year’s European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) meeting in Munich, Germany (12-16 September) suggests that screening patients newly diagnosed with diabetes for pancreatic cancer could be an effective way of diagnosing and treating pancreatic cancer early.

The study is by Dr Pavel Škrha, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic and colleagues.

New-onset diabetes mellitus/prediabetes with duration of less than 2 years can be the earliest symptom of pancreatic cancer (PAC), especially when significant weight loss is present.

Also, long-term diabetes (T2DM) is a risk factor for developing PAC.

In this study, the authors’ aim was to determine the sensitivity and specificity of the current biochemical marker CA 19-9 alone or together with promising new markers microRNA-196 and -200 in distinguishing PAC patients from non-cancer patients. Read more . . .

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