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Type 2 Diabetes And Pancreatic Cancer

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One Data+ group at Duke University’s Social Science Research Institute investigates the connection between the type 2 diabetes and pancreatic cancer.

A staggering 94% of pancreatic cancer patients will die within five years of diagnosis, and 74% of patients die just within the first year. Multiple factors contribute to the low survival rate. It’s not only incredibly aggressive, but also difficult to detect early and, once detected, poorly responsive to treatment. It’s a perfect storm of factors that make it one of the more deadly forms of cancer.

Some recent studies have shed light on the disease, showing a connection between diabetes and pancreatic cancer. Though what exactly that connection may be is yet to be defined, researchers have found evidence that it could be a risk factor and/or a cause. With approximately 80% of pancreatic cancer patients having glucose intolerance or diabetes, the connection is well worth further investigation. Read more . . .

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