May 13, 2020 • 2 Min

Dos and Don’ts for Wearing Cloth Masks

As states and regions begin to come out of COVID-19 lockdown, wearing cloth masks when you are out in public will very likely be part of reopening in your area.

Even if it is not part of your state’s mandate, wearing a cloth mask is a good idea to protect others from any germs you may be carrying. It is important for the common good.

The Proper Way to Wear Your Mask

There is a right way to wear your mask, and a whole bunch of wrong ways.

The purpose of wearing a mask is to prevent you from exhaling coronavirus or any germs you carry into the air around you. Your mask must fully cover both your mouth and nose to do this effectively. That means your lower face must be fully covered, nose to under the chin, with no sagging at the sides.

So, do not wear your mask below your nose, on just the tip of your nose, or above your chin.

And remember to keep your mask on even if you are talking to someone. The mask may muffle your voice a tiny bit but you can be heard.

Handling Your Mask

Once you are back home or heading home in your car, you can take off your mask. Do not touch the front or inside of the mask. Remove it by untying the ties or unlooping the elastic from around your ears. If you have a cloth mask, wash it either by hand or with your laundry so it is ready for use again.

Most importantly, before and after handling your mask, WASH YOUR HANDS!

The CDC offers more detailed information about how to wear and care for cloth masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.