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R0 resection
After surgery to remove a tumor, no tumor remains in the edges of the location where the tumor was removed, either visible to the eye or under a microscope.
R1 resection
After surgery to remove a tumor, all the visible tumor was removed but under the microscope there are still visible tumor cells on the edges of the location where the tumor was removed.
The use of energy waves to diagnose or treat disease.
Radiation field
The area of the body that receives radiation.
Radiation oncologist
A physician trained in treating cancer with high-dose X-rays.
Radiation therapy
Also called radiotherapy; treatment of cancer with irradiation.
Giving off radiation.
Radioactive glucose
Sugar injected into the body to make specific tissue more visible during a PET scan.
A physician trained to interpret many different imaging techniques.
Also called radiation therapy; treatment of cancer with irradiation.
Randomized trial
A clinical trial in which patients are assigned randomly to the different treatments being tested in that trial.
Recurrent cancer
Cancer that has returned after a disease-free period.
A plan or a regulated course, such as a diet, exercise, or disease treatment, designed to give a good result.
Regional anesthesia
A type of drug used for short-term loss of feeling or awareness in a part of the body while awake.
The return of signs and symptoms of a disease after a remission.
The signs and symptoms of cancer have disappeared as a result of treatment.
Cancer that can be surgically removed. In pancreatic cancer, these tumors may lie within the pancreas or extend beyond it, but there is no involvement of the critical arteries or veins in the area. There is no evidence of any spread to areas outside of the tissue removed during a typical surgery for pancreatic cancer.
Surgery to remove a tumor.
Risk factors
Characteristics, habits, or environmental exposures shown to increase the odds of developing a disease.
RNA (ribonucleic acid)
A molecule that carries information for DNA and carries the same genetic code as DNA.