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There are currently 11 Terms in this directory beginning with the letter O.
A physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
A branch of medicine that treats cancer.
Oncology nurses
Nurses with specialized training in managing the treatment and care of patients with cancer; they may administer chemotherapy drugs, help in management of side effects, and provide patient education.
Oncology social workers
Social workers professionally trained to counsel patients with cancer and help provide practical assistance, for example, by helping patients find support groups and locate services.
Oncology surgeons
A doctor who is an expert in cancer surgery.
Onivyde (irinotecan hydrochloride liposome)
One of the approved chemotherapy drugs for pancreatic cancer, this form of irinotecan is enclosed in a lipid sphere to extend the time the drug remains in the body, thus increasing treatment effect.
In medicine, the first appearance of the signs or symptoms of an illness.
Strongest pain relievers available.
Tiny three-dimensional biological replica of a patient’s pancreatic tumor, cultured in the lab to allow researchers to test treatments to see what might work best for that patient.
Form of conventional medicine that emphasizes diseases arising in the musculoskeletal system.
One of the approved chemotherapy drugs for pancreatic cancer, it is a platinum compound that disrupts DNA and kills cancer cells.