October 28, 2022 • 1 Min

Symptoms and Risk Factors

Let’s Win and the National Alliance for Hispanic Health’s Nuestras Voces program have teamed up for a series of hour-long Let’s Learn webinars to help you understand more about pancreatic cancer.

The first webinar, on Symptoms and Risk Factors, features oncologists Dr. Rachna T. Shroff and Dr. Fiyinfolu Balogun outlining the main symptoms, key risk factors, and what you can do. Health advocate Daniel G Garza moderates the conversation. One of the highlights of the conversation is a discussion of the importance of the knowing your family health history, a sensitive issue in some communities.

About 62,000 people are found to have pancreatic cancer each year in the U.S.; the rate of occurrence is slightly higher in Black Americans. The five-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer is about 11 percent, in part because the disease is often diagnosed at an advanced stage. The tumors are not found on a physical exam and the symptoms mimic many other more common conditions.

By understanding what symptoms to look for and who is at greater risk, healthcare professionals can increase a patient’s chance of an earlier diagnosis, which leads to more treatment options and a better survival rate.

Watch the webinar above, and download the presentation.

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