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November 3, 2016 • 2 Min

A Clinical Trial Gives Me a Comfortable Life

Irwin Hausman

Pancreatic cancer patient Irwin Hausman
  • Metastases in the liver eliminate surgery
  • Clinical trial of low-dose chemotherapy plus vitamin C
  • Living a relatively normal and comfortable life

I was diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer on August 16, 2015, at age 72.

Needless to say I was devastated by the diagnosis; until then I had led a very healthy life. After hospitalization at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York I was referred to oncologist Dr. Howard Bruckner, in the Bronx, NY. Surgery was deemed impossible since the cancer had metastasized to my liver. The prognosis for my longevity was dire. Dr. Bruckner, however, had a different idea. He was not willing to throw in the towel, and neither was I.

A Clinical Trial that Includes Vitamin C

Dr. Bruckner accepted me into a clinical trial involving the infusion of vitamin C along with a chemotherapy regimen of standard drugs. The difference is that I get these drugs in lower doses than what is given at many of the cancer centers throughout the country.

The result has been a year of reasonable comfort for me and the ability to lead a normal life socially as well as athletically. I play golf two to three times per week and lead a normal life, other than the six days per month that I get the chemotherapy and vitamin C. In addition, the tumors in my liver now seem to be smaller or gone. The pancreatic tumor is stable and possibly somewhat smaller.

Surgery Now an Option?

I am looking into whether surgery may now be available for me. Even if surgery is not possible the recipe of the chemotherapy combined possibly with vitamin C appears to be working. I have a level of comfort and happiness not expected when I was diagnosed one year ago.

I view Dr. Bruckner as a genius who thinks out of the box, seeking the recipe that enables comfortable longevity.

To learn more about the clinical trial that Irwin is participating in, read “Using a Vitamin to Make Low-Dose Chemotherapy More Effective.”

Irwin passed away after sharing his story with Let’s Win. His pursuit of clinical trials has helped extend the knowledge available to everyone that comes after him. We offer our deep sympathy to his family.

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