Our extensive collection of web-based and other resources for patients, families, and caregivers provides easy access to information on a wide variety of subjects related to pancreatic cancer., part of the National Institutes of Health U.S. National Library of Medicine, provides listings of research studies throughout the U.S. and in 208 countries. The website is updated regularly.


CureClick increases clinical trial awareness and accelerates patient recruitment by enabling influential members of online communities to easily find and disseminate accurate, patient-friendly information through their social networks.


EmergingMed has partnered with Let’s Win and the Lustgarten Foundation to create a clinical trial finder for pancreatic cancer. The trial finder can filter for a variety of specific details including location and stage of disease and includes a phone help service.

Gateway for Cancer Research

Gateway for Cancer Research funds phase I and II clinical trials for all types of cancers, focusing primarily on quality of life for cancer patients. The organization invests in next generation patient-centric cancer research in order to drive transformational advances and breakthroughs in cancer treatment

Lazarex Cancer Foundation

The Lazarex Cancer Foundation provides assistance with costs for clinical trial participation, identification of clinical trial options, community outreach, and engagement for cancer patients. The goal is to improve the outcome of cancer care, giving hope, dignity, and life to advanced stage cancer patients and the medically underserved.

National Society of Genetic Counselors

With the rise of personalized medicine, genetic counseling has been recognized as an integral part of health care delivery, education, research, and public policy. The National Society of Genetic Counselors promotes the professional interests of genetic counselors and provides a network for professional communications. The website includes a search function to find a genetic counselor.