June 7, 2019 • 2 Min

Let’s Win! Pancreatic Cancer Updates Clinical Trials Section

Let's Win pancreatic cancer logo

Let’s Win! Pancreatic Cancer announces an expanded Clinical Trials section of the website.

The enhancements include a dedicated clinical trials matching service for pancreatic cancer patients, in partnership with the Lustgarten Foundation and EmergingMed, and easy-to-understand animations.

Pancreatic cancer is on the rise and is poised to be the second-leading cause of cancer deaths by 2020. Clinical trials are a key component in fighting pancreatic cancer, providing patients with access to the latest treatments and advancing the science. The enhanced Clinical Trials section is now more user-friendly for patients and families; it includes educational pages to explain how trials work and how to find a trial to possibly participate in, as well as animations.

The updates include:

  • The Lustgarten and Let’s Win Clinical Trials Matching Service. Let’s Win is partnering with the Lustgarten Foundation and EmergingMed to provide an online matching service dedicated to pancreatic cancer clinical trials. This service includes a dial-in feature that pairs a patient or caregiver with a person who can help them through the search process. The online tool asks for detailed information, including stage of disease, prior treatments, location, and willingness to travel, in order to curate a list of clinical trials that may be appropriate for a patient.
  • Two custom video animations that highlight key information about trials. One provides a short explanation of the phases of clinical trials; the other explains how to find and participate in one.
  • An updated Clinical Trials home page and two new pages featuring a link to the Clinical Trials Matching Service, the new animations, and more detailed educational pages focused on What Is a Clinical Trial? and How to Find a Trial. These pages explain how trials work and help patients and families understand how to find a trial and what to expect.

Let’s Win works with world-renowned doctors and researchers to share information about innovative treatments and clinical trials that are helping patients live longer with pancreatic cancer. Through an interactive web platform and robust social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Let’s Win is reaching out to all who are affected by pancreatic cancer to bring them the latest information about this disease in English and Spanish.