Fighting To Win

Fighting to Win

But in April I woke one morning with pain and discomfort on my left side. Assuming it was a result…

The Alien Inside Me

The Alien Inside Me

It’s 2010. I go to my doctor and say I have a stomach ache. He is 99 percent sure it…

Pancreatic Cancer Can Mimic Other Health Problems

Pancreatic Cancer can Mimic Other Health Problems

I started having lower back pain in 2014 and visited my chiropractor frequently without any relief. In April 2015, I started having symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, which I had in my late 20s. I went to my primary care physician on April 29, 2015 and told him of my back pain and the IBS symptoms. He ordered an MRI of my back and an ultrasound of my intestines. I did the ultrasound that day and 10 minutes after leaving the imaging office I received a phone call from my primary care doctor telling me I had a tumor on my pancreas. So, the MRI of my back was put on hold and an MRI on my pancreas was done within two days.

When You Embrace The Enemy, It Changes Everything

When You Embrace the Enemy, It Changes Everything

I was looking forward to new and exciting things in retirement but retirement had other plans for me. Within one year, “fantastic” turned into “life-altering” when I was met with a different kind of enemy – pancreatic cancer.