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Pancreatic cancer long-term survivor Angella Dixon-Watson and her husband Ira

I’m Still Here

As a five-year pancreatic cancer survivor, Angella Dixon-Watson considers it her mission to educate others about this disease.
Pancreatic cancer survivor Carolynn Kiel in purple sunglasses at a PanCAN Purple Stride event

I Made It

Sure enough, two years after she lost her mother and sister, Carolynn was diagnosed with early stage pancreatic cancer. She…

long-term pancreatic cancer survivor Chris Joseph and his sons

Surviving and Thriving

When long-term survivor Chris Joseph found out his tumor had a specific defect it changed his treatment plan.
pancreatic cancer survivor Sharon Simone and her husband

I’m Going to Live Every Day

Sharon Simone got a second opinion that led to a treatment protocol suited to her BRCA1 mutation. Now she is a long-term survivor.
Long-term pancreatic cancer survivor Randall Swan and his wife Lorri

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Randall Swan says he could not have made it through pancreatic cancer treatment, including a clinical trial, without the support of his wife Lorri.
long-term pancreatic cancer survivor David Dessert

Sharing My Knowledge With Others

David Dessert knew his family carried BRCA2, and told his doctor after his pancreatic cancer diagnosis. This led to a better treatment plan.
Pancreatic cancer survivor Kim Vernick and her daughter

My Strength Comes From My Mother

Kim Vernick credits her mother for passing on the strength and positivity she has needed as a long-term survivor of pancreatic cancer.
pancreatic cancer survivor Joel Evans and his wife Linda

I Must Give Back

For Joel Evans, it was the unwavering support of his wife Linda that kept him going  through a Whipple procedure and chemotherapy.
long-term pancreatic cancer survivor Tom Bajoras playing the piano

We’re in This Together

Long-term survivor Tom Bajoras took his pain from treatment for PNET and turned it into music to inspire others who are struggling.
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