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Mary Gillam and her husband and three children standing in front of a Christmas tree.

I Have So Much to Live For

Mary Gillam knew that she had to fight after her pancreatic cancer diagnosis. She traveled to where she would get the best treatment and a clinical trial.

Portrait of Dr. Elizabeth Jaffee, cancer reseacher

Overcoming Challenges to Vaccine Immunotherapy

Modern immunology shows that Coley’s principles of immune stimulation were indeed on target, and today the field of cancer immunology has become a highly sophisticated specialty. Indeed, cancer vaccines have caught the imagination of the public and of researchers who are investigating and developing these vaccine therapies. But the clinical translation of cancer vaccines into…

Susan Zbacnik and her husband

Taking Nothing For Granted

After Whipple surgery and chemoradiation for pancreatic cancer, Susan Zbacnik had molecular profiling, genetic testing, and joined vaccine clinical trial.

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