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Pancreatic cancer patient Chris Joseph
Survivor Stories
November 16, 2020 • 4 Min

Practicing Gratitude Every Day

The best thing Chris Joseph ever did was change oncologists. His new doctor did genetic testing on Chris’s tumor, for better treatment.

Pancreatic microbiome
February 15, 2019 • 4 Min

Pancreatic Microbiome May Hold the Key To Better Treatment

Dr. Deirdre Cohen’s research into the pancreatic microbiome has found that gut bacteria may directly influence the effectiveness of immunotherapy.

Dr. Shalaan Beg
December 4, 2018 • 4 Min

Targeting AXL May Improve Chemotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer

Dr. Shaalan Beg describes a clinical trial using the kinase inhibitor bemcentinib along with chemotherapy as a way to slow down or stop pancreatic cancer.