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Long-term survivor Roy Vinke and his dog sitting on a deck overlooking mountains and a lake

Another Chance at Life

Molecular profiling of long-term survivor Roy Vinke’s tumor and found a mismatch repair deficiency, which changed his treatment.

Let's Win, Lustgarten Foundation, and AACR logos

AACR Highlights: Saturday, September 7

Read the highlights of Saturday’s sessions about tumor microenvironment, recurrence, and treatment resistance, at the AACR pancreatic cancer conference.

Collage image of the Caris Life Sciences logo in blue and gray, the Lustgarten Foundation logo in purple and yellow, and the text of the press release

Caris Life Sciences and The Lustgarten Foundation Collaborate to Support Immunotherapy Clinical Trial for Pancreatic Cancer

Caris is providing clinical trial enrollment services to identify potential trial candidates based on biomarker expression results and facilitate communication between treating physicians and study investigators. The Lustgarten Foundation is a sponsor of the study for pancreatic cancer patients in support of its mission to advance scientific and medical research related to the diagnosis, treatment…

Pancreatic cancer researcher Ron Evans (left) and his research team: Mara Sherman, Ruth Yu, Ann Atkins, Tiffany Tseng, Michael Downes

Pancreatic Tumors Rely on Signals from Surrounding Cells

Now, Salk scientists have pinned down how signals from this microenvironment encourage pancreatic tumors to grow by altering their metabolism. Blocking the pathways involved, they reported in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences the week of January 16, 2017, can slow the growth of a pancreatic cancer. “Pancreatic cancer is a deadly disease and…

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