Juan Pellerano-Rendon

Account Director, Laundry Service

Juan Manuel Pellerano-Rendon IV is a first-generation American of Dominican and Colombian descent. He received his degree in Advertising, Marketing, and Sport Administration from the University of Miami. In his career, Juan has focused on the marketing and tech sectors, having worked at multiple advertising agencies and tech startups. He currently is an account director at Laundry Service advertising agency across multiple brands. Juan is a board member at Marine Education Initiative and the Advertising Club of New York. He also loves to travel and DJs as a hobby.

Juan is deeply passionate about pancreatic cancer. He joined his mother, Dr. Marta I. Rendon, on the frontlines of her fight against pancreatic cancer for four years. Dr. Allyson Ocean played a pivotal role in Dr. Rendon’s care as a doctor, friend, and advocate. Juan and his mother developed a close relationship with Dr. Ocean during that time. Juan now carries on the fight as a member of the board of directors of Let’s Win.