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Hutch News: Big Takeaways from ASCO

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The American Society of Clinical Oncology held its annual meeting in early June, in Chicago. Some of the main topics discussed include liquid biopsies, immunotherapy, and precision medicine.

Patient power was another important theme. Patient-centered research efforts were featured, including Let’s Win and Dr. Allyson Ocean, a co-founder and chair of the Scientific Advisory Board, according to the report in Hutch News, from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

“The biggest cancer conference in the world, an annual meeting hosted by the American Society of Clinical Oncology that attracted more than 35,000 cancer researchers, oncologists, patient advocates, politicians and other major players in pharma and biotech, just closed its doors for another year.

Immunotherapy was one of the hottest topics there, with presentations on new therapies for lung cancer, metastatic melanoma, metastatic kidney cancer, and much more, including exciting results from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s  Dr. Cameron Turtle regarding his recent work with CAR T-cell therapies in leukemia and lymphoma patients . . .

. . . Other patient-focused research efforts include “Let’s Win,” a new online community for pancreatic cancer patients designed to help them learn about the latest scientific innovations and cutting-edge treatment.

Created by a patient and team of scientific advisors, including Dr. Allyson Ocean, associate professor of clinical medicine at Cornell University, the new digital platform is intended to help patients make better, faster, more informed treatment choices.”

Read the whole story on the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center website.

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