Dylan’s Mitzvah Project

I chose this pancreatic cancer foundation for my Bar Mitzvah project because, sadly, my grandma died of it.

I think all cancers are bad, but this one is not curable. I chose Let’s Win because my grandma was involved in the organization and spoke highly of it. I think what they are doing is great. They are trying to help people with pancreatic cancer and get them the right doctors. Let’s Win gives people the support they need in order to stay positive. I miss my grandma Ro Ro all the time but I know she would be proud of me for trying to help.

We’d like to invite you to join us on Zoom for Dylan’s Drum for Pancreatic Cancer in honor of his grandma Ro-Ro,  Let’s Win, and his Bar Mitzvah project! Please tune in on Wednesday June 30th at 7 p.m. to rock out and support this fabulous foundation and help end this terrible cancer.

Learn more about Dylan’s grandma by reading “The Impact of BRCA Is Broader Than Breast and Ovarian Cancer,” and watch her discuss advocating for this disease at “Faces of Let’s Win: Rona Greenberg—Pancreatic Cancer Patient.”