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long-term pancreatic cancer survivor Roxanne Waling

The Optimist

But she found that it was just as important to her to have a treatment that for the whole person. So she moved her treatment to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she had access to an integrative care team that included massage therapy, acupuncture, and pastoral care along with oncologists. Read more about Roxanne in “Listen to…

pancreatic cancer long-term survivor Earl Groce, his son and grandson

Looking Forward to Tomorrow

Earl Groce is a long-term survivor of stage IV pancreatic cancer. He credits the clinical trial he was on with giving him time.

Long-term survivor Lynne Holcomb and her family

Never Ever Ever Give Up

Lynne Holcomb turned to a clinical trial when standard treatment was not stopping her stage IV pancreatic cancer.

Long-term survivor Roy Vinke and his dog sitting on a deck overlooking mountains and a lake

Another Chance at Life

Molecular profiling of long-term survivor Roy Vinke’s tumor and found a mismatch repair deficiency, which changed his treatment.

Long-term pancreatic cancer survivor Helene Avraham-Katz

Breathe Happy

When Helene Avraham-Katz was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, she and her family made the decision to fight it with everything they could.

pancreatic cancer survivor Sheila Sky Kasselman and Sky Foundation members

I Didn’t Expect to Be Doing This

Sheila Sky Kasselman, a long-term survivor of pancreatic cancer, started a foundation to help others after recovering from Whipple surgery.

Graphic for Let's Learn Webinar Pancreatic Cancer and Diabetes

Let’s Win Lunch and Learn: Pancreatic Cancer and Diabetes

But did you know that a new diagnosis of diabetes, especially in someone over age 50, can be a symptom of pancreatic cancer? Join us for our webinar to learn more about the connection between these two diseases, and what to look for as a patient or a healthcare provider. Our Lunch and Learn webinar…

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