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Sergeant Elvin Howard, Jr., is a 21-year veteran of the Baton Rouge Police Department. During his tenure with the Baton Rouge Police Department Sergeant Howard worked ten years in the Homicide Division, one year on a gang task force, and three years on the ATF Task Force. Sgt. Howard is currently the commander of the Baton Rouge Police Department’s Mayor Security Detail. He also is currently an active member of the Baton Rouge Police Departments Community Services Division as the ReCAST Coordinator as well as on the Baton Rouge Police Department’s leadership committee.

During his tenure with the police department Sgt. Howard worked 10 years in the Homicide Division and three years with the ATF Task Force. From his time on the police department Sgt. Howard’s expertise ranges extensively from criminal investigations to community policing. Sgt. Howard has crossed the region to assist communities with dealing with real life scenarios (like active shooters, bullying, stalking, crimes against the elderly, among others). Through the ReCAST Grant Sgt. Howard creates programs to address stress and trauma among citizens of all ages (youth to seniors) and of all walks of life (including the homeless) in East Baton Rouge Parish and surrounding areas.

Sgt. Howard is currently the President of Elvin Howard Sr. Pancreatic Cancer Advocacy Foundation. A foundation founded in honor of his father, Elvin Howard, Sr., who passed of pancreatic cancer. The foundation was created to raise awareness and advocate for pancreatic cancer survivors and their families.

Ultimately, Sgt. Howard’s goal is to make the city safer for everyone by assisting in motivating citizens to think positively, live longer and make positive decisions.

Sgt. Elvin Howard truly believes “Knowledge is Power”!!!

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