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orange colored clear vitamin D pills in a circle against an orange background
July 23, 2018 • 2 Min

A New Combination Chemotherapy Before Surgery

A new clinical trial adds vitamin D to standard of care chemotherapy before surgery, to make pancreatic cancer tumors more removable.

water running into beaker
June 21, 2018 • 3 Min

Multicenter Trial Focuses on Neoadjuvant Treatment for Borderline Resectable and Locally Advanced Disease

Dr. David Ryan outlines a new trial for pre-surgical pancreatic cancer treatment combining a blood pressure drug, immunotherapy, standard care and SBRT.

Black and white photo of test tubes upright in a rack
June 13, 2018 • 2 Min

Testing the Effectiveness of Immunotherapy Added to a New Drug Combination

Researchers are testing a drug combination that adds immunotherapy to standard drugs used to treat pancreatic cancer and an antimalarial drug.

Very high magnification of a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor in a microscope
April 10, 2018 • 2 Min

Testing a New Drug on Advanced Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors

In a clinical trial, the new drug sapanisertib is being tested for its effectiveness against pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (PNETs).

microscope slide of blue dots in a pink and white background that make up a gastric inflammatory fibroid polyp
February 22, 2018 • 2 Min

Helping Some Types of Chemotherapy Penetrate Pancreatic Tumors

A clinical trial looks at the effectiveness of PEGPH20 in helping chemotherapy penetrate the stroma of pancreatic tumors, to make them removable.

a rack of beakers with red, blue, and green liquids
January 11, 2018 • 2 Min

Noninvasive Surgery and a New Drug to Stop Pancreatic Tumors

A clinical trial combines irreversible electroporation (IRE) and immunotherapy to see if the duo is effective against locally advanced pancreatic cancer.

Abstract image of round and oval shapes in reds, pinks, whites, and light blues
November 30, 2017 • 2 Min

Testing an Experimental Combination of Drugs

A clinical trial for some cancers including pancreatic cancer tests the effectiveness of a checkpoint inhibitor and an antisense oligonucleotide inhibitor.

Microscope slide of the pancreas, with the some structures in purple and some in pink
August 30, 2017 • 2 Min

More Effective Focused Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy for Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer

A clinical trial tests whether adding Zometa makes chemotherapy and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) more effective against pancreatic cancer.

Glass flasks with wider bottoms and narrower tops sit on a table; the left flask is partway filled with dark green clear liquid, the right flask contains a lighter bright green clear liquid
July 11, 2017 • 2 Min

Testing the Safety of a New Chemotherapy and Radiation Combination

A clinical trial tests the effectiveness of adding PEGPH20 to standard chemotherapy and radiation in patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer.

Image of DNA analysis showing a series of darker and lighter orange-colored columns with thin horizontal red, yellow, white, and orange stripes indicating different genes
June 2, 2017 • 2 Min

Focusing on a Drug that Treats Specific Tumor Mutations

A clinical trial tests a signal-inhibiting drug for lung cancers with specific genetic mutations on gastrointestinal cancers with the same tumor mutations.

A paper model of DNA to illustrate genetic testing
May 9, 2017 • 2 Min

Treating BRCA-Negative Pancreatic Cancer Patients with a Family Cancer History Similar to BRCA Carriers

A clinical trial looks at the effectiveness of a PARP inhibitor in BRCA-negative pancreatic cancer patients with a family history BRCA-type cancers.

Microscope image of pancreatic cells in purple and teal on a dark background
April 18, 2017 • 2 Min

Testing a Signal-Inhibiting Drug on Tumors with Specific Mutations

A new drug for certain tumor mutations is being tested in a type of clinical trial called a basket trial, which matches tumor genetics and drugs.

Dr. Erkut Borazanci
March 31, 2017 • 4 Min

Clinical Trial of Immunotherapy Plus Sunshine Vitamin May Help in Pancreatic Cancer Fight

Can vitamin D make it easier for chemotherapy drugs to reach the pancreatic cancer tumor? A clinical trial is testing this idea.

Cancer researcher Sunil Hingorani
September 19, 2016 • 4 Min

New Drug Shows Positive Results in Early Trials

A new drug called PEGPH20, which helps chemotherapy drugs reach their target, is showing positive results in an ongoing pancreatic cancer trial.

Microscopy image of a tumor section (obtained from a mouse tumor model) shows the blue-stained nanoparticles selectively accumulating in the peripheral tumor area and then penetrating into tumor cells
August 18, 2016 • 2 Min

Exploring the Effectiveness of an Experimental Class of Drug

Does adding a PARP inhibitor drug to standard treatment help control the spread of advanced pancreatic cancer in patients with the BRCA mutation?