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Pancreatic cancer researcher Dr. Tyler Jacks

An Interview with Dr. Tyler Jacks

Dr. Tyler Jacks is one of the leading pancreatic cancer researchers. Read what he has to say about KRAS, organoids, and running a lab in a pandemic.

Brigitte Regnier and her husband read a book together while seated on a sofa.

Picking the Right Team

Brigitte Régnier found a treatment team that was using an unusual approach of giving chemoradiation before surgery for pancreatic cancer.

Collage of Dr. Christopher Vakoc, Lustgarten Foundation logo, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory logo, and faded text

Mechanism of Metastasis Is Discovered in Pancreatic Cancer

The Foundation’s dedicated lab at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) used organoid technology to find that pancreatic cancer cells reprogram gene enhancers to achieve the ability to spread. The research, appearing online on August 8, 2017, in Cell, provides strong evidence supporting this explanation of metastasis, which is the cause of most cancer deaths. Experiments…

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