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pancreatic cancer patient Elizabeth O'Connor and her family at the 2021 World Series

Cherishing the Simple Things

Elizabeth O’Connor has a PALB2 genetic mutation so her stage IV pancreatic cancer has responded to immunotherapy.

Pancreatic cancer patient Tom Bajoras and his wife Lisa on a glacier

Where Sorrow and Joy Meet

Musician and producer Tom Bajoras has focused on the sorrow, joy, and beauty of life as he fights PNET with standard and new treatments.

photo of Steven Lewis

Twice Facing Pancreatic Cancer

Steven Lewis has faced down pancreatic cancer twice–first with a Whipple, CyberKnife, and chemoradiation; then with liver surgery for metastasis.

Collage of Dr. Christopher Vakoc, Lustgarten Foundation logo, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory logo, and faded text

Mechanism of Metastasis Is Discovered in Pancreatic Cancer

The Foundation’s dedicated lab at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) used organoid technology to find that pancreatic cancer cells reprogram gene enhancers to achieve the ability to spread. The research, appearing online on August 8, 2017, in Cell, provides strong evidence supporting this explanation of metastasis, which is the cause of most cancer deaths. Experiments…

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