Charlotte’s 100-Mile Race

In memory of Jacotte and Dennis

On August 26th I am running in the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, a 100-mile race through France, Italy, and Switzerland.

This grueling race follows the route of the Tour du Mont Blanc, and has a total elevation gain of around 32,940 feet (10,040 meters). It is widely regarded as one of the most difficult foot races in the world, and one of the largest, with more than 2,500 starters.

I ran my first marathon in 2005 and I have not stopped running since. I have run more than 40 ultramarathons, and this is my 10th 100-mile race. I like to “make the miles count” and raise money for a cause dear to my heart. It gives me the motivation to keep going when it gets tough!

I am supporting Let’s Win because my beloved mother-in-law, Jacotte, passed away in 2019 after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. And earlier this year, one of my best friends lost her father Dennis to the same disease. Please join me helping all patients find the information they need to get the best treatments.