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Social Media ‘Tears Down Walls’ in Medicine

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HemOnc Today discusses the role of social media in medicine, in its October 10, 2019 issue, and Let’s Win’s PancChat was cited as an example of successful outreach.

The article explains the development of social media in oncology. Dr. Shaalan Beg, one of the PancChat cohosts, cites the broad reach of the #PancChat hashtag.

The use of social media can broaden the scope of information about clinical trials and research in general, experts said. A simple search on social media platforms for hashtags associated with a specific cancer type, for example, allows for identification of appropriate and available clinical trials.

Beg hosts a monthly Twitter chat for patients with the Let’s Win Pancreatic Cancer organization, during which they frequently discuss clinical trials and enrollment in the pancreatic cancer space.

“I receive emails all the time from patients after they have read or heard about clinical trials on the Twitter chat,” he said. “Physicians may also find out about clinical trials outside of their specific institution via social media. I have been invited to participate in other investigators’ clinical trials based upon them hearing about me through my social media presence. These are all positive examples of ways that social media can impact clinical trials.”

To read the entire story, visit the HemOnc Today website.

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