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Let’s Learn!

webinar announcement
Let’s Win introduces Let’s Learn, a series of hour-long educational webinars for health care professionals, patients, and advocates.

In this series, moderated by BRCA advocate Erika Stallings, medical experts and patients join to share information about pancreatic cancer risks, symptoms, and treatments.

Learn the Risk Factors features oncologist Dr. Suresh Chari and pathologist Dr. Anirban Maitra discussing how lifestyle, health issues, and genetics increase a person’s risk of developing pancreatic cancer. By learning more about the risk factors, healthcare professionals can increase a patient’s chance of an earlier diagnosis.


In Recognize the Symptoms, gastroenterologist Dr. Valerie Antoine-Gustave and pancreatic cancer survivor Angella Dixon-Watson go over the different symptoms and how to recognize them as possible signs of pancreatic cancer. Learning to recognize the group of symptoms can lead to an earlier diagnosis and a better chance of survival.


At Find Treatment Options, oncologist Dr. Kim Reiss Binder and genetic counselor Carla McGruder discuss different treatments for pancreatic cancer and how genetic testing can impact treatment. With more information about treatments and genetic testing, healthcare professionals can increase a patient’s chance of living longer.


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