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Statin Exposure and Pancreatic Cancer Incidence: A Japanese Regional Population-Based Cohort Study, the Shizuoka Study

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Researchers assessed the associations between statin exposure and pancreatic cancer in this observational analysis, by utilizing a comprehensive patient-linked, longitudinal health insurance database containing the records of 2,230,848 people living in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, from April 2012 to September 2018. People older than 40 years, affording data for medical examinations and statin exposure ({greater than or equal to}365 statin prescription days), were included in this study.

The study sample comprised 2,230,848 individuals; there were 100,537 in the statin-exposure group (24%) and 326,033 in the statin-non-exposure group (76%). Findings of this Japanese regional population-based cohort study demonstrated a lower incidence of pancreatic cancer in relation to statin exposure. Read more . . . 

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