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Delayed Diagnosis of Pancreatic Tail Cancer Presenting With Chronic Scrotal Pain

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Pancreatic cancer (PC) is difficult to detect due to a lack of specific symptoms. Diagnosis of pancreatic tail cancer is particularly difficult because it is less common, less likely to cause jaundice than cancer of the pancreatic head, and difficult to detect on abdominal ultrasound. Risk factors include a family history of PC and a personal history of diabetes and smoking [2]. Testicular metastases from PC are rare .

Chronic scrotal pain (CSP) refers to constant or intermittent testicular pain for three months or longer that interferes with daily activities [4]. CSP can be due to pain from the scrotal contents directly or due to referred pain from the abdomen/inguinal region, retroperitoneum, or nervous system [5,6]. However, in many cases, no source is identified [5,6]. Read more . . . 

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