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Algorithm-Based Care Versus Usual Care for the Early Recognition and Management of Complications after Pancreatic Resection in the Netherlands: an Open-Label, Nationwide, Stepped-Wedge Cluster-Randomised Trial

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Early recognition and management of postoperative complications, before they become clinically relevant, can improve postoperative outcomes for patients, especially for high-risk procedures such as pancreatic resection.
We did an open-label, nationwide, stepped-wedge cluster-randomised trial that included all patients having pancreatic resection during a 22-month period in the Netherlands. In this trial design, all 17 centres that did pancreatic surgery were randomly allocated for the timing of the crossover from usual care (the control group) to treatment given in accordance with a multimodal, multidisciplinary algorithm for the early recognition and minimally invasive management of postoperative complications (the intervention group).  Read more . . . 

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