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Study Examines Relationship Between Angiotensin Blockade and Pancreatic Cancer Survival

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New research published by Keith et al in BMC Cancer showed that angiotensin blockers—commonly prescribed to treat high blood pressure—may also impact survival in patients with pancreatic cancer. The results are from the largest population-based study of this question and suggest that a broader, prospective clinical trial may be warranted to confirm the results and potentially change clinical practice.

“These medications for hypertension do not have a lot of side effects—far fewer than chemotherapy, for example—and yet our data suggest that they might extend life in patients with pancreatic cancer,” said first study author Scott W. Keith, PhD, Associate Professor of Biostatistics at Thomas Jefferson University. “Clinical studies will be required to determine just how much these approved and inexpensive therapies can extend life, and our data make a strong case for investing in further research.” Read more . . . 

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