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Combination of Two Cancer Drugs Make Pancreatic Tumors Treatable with Immunotherapy Methods

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Pancreatic carcinoma is a tumor with an extremely poor prognosis for which effective treatments have not yet been found. In a preclinical animal model with mice, a team of researchers has now discovered a way of making pancreatic tumors treatable with immunotherapy methods using a targeted combination of two cancer drugs. The researchers believe that the promising combined approach could also prove effective with other cancer types.

Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is the most common form of pancreatic cancer. The disease is almost always fatal, with a 10-year survival rate of around 1 percent. The prognosis is especially poor for a subgroup of these tumors known as mesenchymal PDAC subtype, where even the strongest combination chemotherapies do not improve the poor clinical outcomes. Read more . . .

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